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Europa Spa

Pampering experience in a magical atmosphere

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If you feel like disconnecting from your routine and everyday worries, if you are looking for a place where you can give in, relax and indulge, spending time in the pampering spa of Hotel Europa is the perfect solution for you. Unlike other spa complexes located in the heart of a busy cities or in routine and ordinary places, Europa Spa is located in a luxurious, pampering and inviting boutique hotel.

A fun day at Europa Spa will allow you an extraordinary experience, one you will want to repeat again and again.

Europa Spa welcomes you to relax in the expert hands of our therapists. A wide range of treatments performed in stylish rooms, paired with quality products and essential oils will ensure an exceptional and memorable experience.

Relax. Revitalize. Indulge. We invite you to enjoy the massages offered at Europa Spa:


Dual Love – Take a dip together in a bath with aromatic oils and salts, enjoy a dreamy 45 minutes of a Swedish couple’s massage, sip wine and indulge in chocolate treats. Available week days only, not on saturdays or holidays.

Love in Two – Immerse together in a steaming jacuzzi in a private room, with a glass of wine and chocolate treats.

Classic Swedish Massage – A gentle, pampering and wonderful massage performed with almond oil or grape seeds oil. It is a relaxing massage aimed to improve metabolism, stimulate blood circulation, and to balance and reduce physical and mental stress.

Aromatic Oil Massage – A light and calming massage using scented essential oils of different plants. It is a pampering massage done with gentle, long and caressing movements without going deep into the muscle. The massage circulates the blood, detoxify, relieves tension and gives a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

4 Hands Massage – Submerge in relaxation. Performed with the synchronized moves of two therapists at the same time, each attending a different area of the body. It is a pampering experience achieving a physical and mental relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage – an intense massage technich focusing on primary areas of discomfort. This massage is performed into deeper layers of the muscles, combining movements of kneading, pressing and stretching. the treatment is useful for muscle and tention relief and has health benefits such as lowering high blood pressure, improving posture and increasing range of motion.

Prenatal Massage – Recommended from 4th months of pregnancy and until 8th months. It is a gentle, relaxing massage that relieves energetic pressures, done with a lot of warmth and love to relief fatigue, tension and muscle soreness.

Medical Massage – targeted to medical issues and performed with the combination of different technics for the ease of certain medical issues.

 Ayurveda Massage – A traditional Indian holistic massage targeted to relieve stress and support body and mind. The treatment is performed with warm sesame oil applied in long, deep movements and ends with a slow drip of oil in the center of the forehead. The massage induces deep relaxation and helps to release tension, softens the body, detoxify and stimulate blood circulation.

Indian Dream Massage – Thermotherapy combining placement of heated basalt stones and application of hot sesame oil. The heat of the stones is absorbed into the muscle allowing deeper absorption of the oil into the skin. This massage stimulates blood circulation, purifies and releases toxins from the body, relieves stress and induces relaxation.

Europa Combined – Body scrub done with a peeling product rich in Dead Sea minerals followed by a body-lotion massage, rich in vitamin E targeted to nourish and refresh the skin.

Shiatsu – Traditional theraputic japanese bodywork. The Shiatsu method of treatment is based on principles of Japanese medicine. This treatment is performed by pressing channels of energy along the meridian channels with the aim of releasing energetic and physical blockages and to balance body and mind.

Reflexology – A western healing method applying gentle pressure on specific sensation points along the feet correlating with different organs and parts of the body. This pampering and calming treatment causes an energetic reaction targeted to balance body and mind, stimulate natural healing processes, ease fatigue and reduce stress.

Coffee Exfoliation – Full body massage done with a peeling product based on sesame oil and coffee, rich in vitamin E and targeted to nourish and refresh the skin.

Massology – A combination of a pamparing full body massage with reflexology.

Pedicure and Manicure – Aesthetic feet/hands care. Take a beauty time-out in the practiced hands of our nail artists.

Good to know

  • Treatments for pregnant women are allowed from week 16 of pregnancy and until week 36, provided that the pregnancy is normal.
  • Please note, if you are post-surgery, a massage treatment will be available to you provided 6 months have passed from surgery.
  • Please notify us of any health conditions, allergies or injuries that could affect your stay at the Spa.
  • Shiatsu is performed in full clothing, and we recommend that you wear comfortable, loose -fitting clothing. Oil massages or exfoliations will require you to undress to your underwear.

Please arrive to your treatment 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time, showered and clean.

We suggest that you leave all valuables in your guest room safe. Alternatively, lockers are available for your personal items. Please note, the spa does not assume liability for any valuables.

Entry to the Spa requires a minimum age of 16 years

Your spa treatment is reserved especially for you. Should you need to cancel or reschedule, please notify the Spa desk at least 24 hours in advance. Any cancellations notified less than 24 hours of scheduled treatment are subject to a cancellation fee amounting to 25% of your scheduled service. Clients who miss their appointments without giving any prior notification will be charged in full for the scheduled service.

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